Fernanda Fortes

Student of Letras Português/Inglês at Centro Universitário do Distrito Federal

Task 1 - Interacting online

I don’t think we should launch ourselves on every wave… some waves would just knock us down without promoting any growth. We must choose our battles, grounding the worth to fight through a fair balance between damages and evolution. We don’t have to “embrace the world” like this!

TASK 2 – Commenting a blog post

1) The aspect of her experience that called my attention the most is the fact that her love for tea cakes was firstly ignited from the willingness to honor her grandmother, passing through memories of her childhood - her grandmother making the cakes. So, besides a way of connection and to honor her ancestors, making and selling tea cakes is a way that she found to make her and others' lives a little sweeter, specially to black people, to whom it's a symbol of resistance and hope.

2) I don't think that we learn the way we should about Black History in Brazil because the materials published and distributed to schools are scarce and written by white people, which shows the white perspective, leaving an enormous void that should be filled with remarkable facts.

3) As a teacher, I intend to address this topic in class by following Etha's calls, which I found very accurate. So, I pretend to really learn about this topic through reliable and black-written sources, in order to pass this content with all of the representativity it deserves.

    Ms. Etha Robinson enjoying her tea cake.

    Task 3 - Writing a formal e-mail

    Dear sir Bezos,

    We are a group of students from Brazil that have been concerned about one of the biggest global issues: homelessness. We decided to reach you and your team because we know for a fact that you have always been an empathetic person, even before the Amazon Empire become a reality. Having a home to live is fundamental; people need a place to feel safe, loved, worthy and belonged to their community. Having in mind how delicate is this situation, we have a project to build Low Coast Supportive Shelters using many kinds of sustainable materials, like green energy. We believe that you have all it takes to become the main embassador of this social action. If you believe in a real change, you will join us in this mission, 

    We are counting with your support.

    Contact us by replying to this e-mail. 


    Brenno, Fernanda e Julia.

    Task 4 - Writing a restaurant review

    Name of the restaurant: Burger King

    Date of review: November 7th, 2022

    Star Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

    The review that you'll be seeing here is related to a fast food restaurant of Conjunto Nacional called Burger King, which is my favorite restaurant ever. Even though I'll be reviewing the Conjunto Nacional one, you can find a franchise of Burger King in several places here in Brasília, including shopping malls and commercial areas. The last time I went there, the place were decorated from Halloween. 

    When you get there, you can order your food by talking to the attendant, using the totems or through their app, which contains a special area of coupons that allow you to buy with great discounts in all kinds of their products: french fries, ice-cream, hamburguer and also the combos, offering hamburguer(s), free refil soda, french fries and ice-cream for a fair price!

    When I go there, I always order a combo with two whoopers, two chicken sandwiches, a potato bucket and two free refil sodas. Of course I don't eat all of this alone!

    Technology isn't always in our favour, so sometimes the totem and the app don't work, which is why I gave this restaurant 4 stars out of 5, but the quality of the food never disappoints me.

    I highly recomend this fast food restaurant because it has a good taste and a fair price, which is the best match when it comes to food! Plus, the food there is so good that you never get sick of it!

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